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Aimee Larsen’s blog

Aimee’s blog…

This is the first undercut I have also lightened. That was literally the last thing that was lightened and of course it lifted super fast with the help of my trionics enzyme lift. I was hesitant with the design because TBH I don’t get to do a lot of them (only a few people want them here) but Kristina had faith in me! You got it! So, we went with a spiral and zero faded up to a 2 and razored the neck for a clean finish. It’s a little irritated especially after being lifted. But I am very happy with the color and the undercut fade. #colorspecialist #blondebalayage #blondehair#blondehighlights  #thehustleisreal #btc #btcpics #hairartist#hairart #aimsart16711895_10155723996989692_8975489719163666877_n